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      1. High Performance Raman
        High Performance Raman
        High Performance Raman At Wasatch Photonics we design the kind of Raman spectroscopy products we want to use. As spectroscopists ourselves, we understand the difference that high sensitivity, low noise, and the ability to capture spectra quickly can make to a research project or OEM product design. Our f/1.3 spectrometers are designed for low light applications using our own patented VPH gratings, allowing us to bridge the performance gap between high-end analytical spectrometers, and cost effective, portable devices.

        We believe you should have full control and maximum flexibility when designing a spectroscopy system. That’s why we offer so many build-to-print options for range, resolution, detector cooling, and sample coupling – backing each with our advice and experience. We’ve worked with Raman applications ranging from R&D to material identification and analysis for process control,  biomedical, chemicals, agriculture, and homeland security.